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Muktinath Adhikari | Chairman

Message from Chairman

Dear esteemed customers, It brings me great pleasure to announce that The Golden Gateway International Pvt. Ltd. specializes in hiring and providing HR advice. They shown their dedication and dependability in the expanding and competitive worldwide markets by recognizing the developing trend of personnel need in Europe, Gulf countries, and East Asia. As a result, we have recently expanded our operations in these nations. Our goal is to provide the top prospects so that our esteemed clients will be completely delighted. I'm happy to say that, thanks to our clients' steadfast support and cooperation, we were able to establish and maintain our position as one of Nepal's first and most influential human resources consultants.
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Our Vision & Mission

Capital is not in short supply, and the vision is to help qualified and talented Nepalese citizens fulfill their professional and personal goals by connecting them with professional companies who will recognize their competence and expertise.

Aim for the best. Think the worst and be ready. Profit from what happens. Our goal is to deliver top-notch recruiting services to both clients and applicants that are founded on respect and the highest professional standards that are driven by quality and cost considerations.



to deliver highly qualified and skilled labor to clients' businesses worldwide.

to give the country a more superior and dependable source of remittance.

to use people's ability and expertise for their improvement.

What we can offer

Golden Gateway International Pvt. Ltd. is a reputable HR sourcing and recruiting firm that offers professional, skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workforces from Nepal to various businesses throughout the world.
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The majority of recruiters aren't familiar enough with your industry to grasp the effects that even one poor hire may have on your company's performance and profit margins. We do, which is why we search for the ideal talent for you to provide company success using our knowledge in recruitment, hospitality management, sales management, and commercial operations. The most important thing is that we work strategically to work closely with your company and assist you in achieving your goals. We can thus customize the ideal solution for you, whether it be replacing workers or creating a new team in a new market.
Reduce Risk

In terms of candidate selection, we lessen the chance of making a mistake. We save you time and ensure that your new hires start producing results for you as soon as possible. Industry-specific knowledge - Our management team includes experts from many fields who will collaborate with you. We have extensive industrial knowledge in the fields in which we operate. Consultative - We develop the best strategy for you via a consultative process. Honesty: We provide our clients with good, honest service that is supported by experience and knowledge. Complete - we go above and beyond to create plans and strategies with you to enlist the support of the appropriate individuals.


We discuss with you the various prospects accessible to you from our clients after assisting you in developing a job search plan with our consultants. We also seek for opportunities that may suit your experience in a larger market.
Determine - Sun Bright assists you in moving forward with deciding on your subsequent professional move. We assist you in determining where to concentrate your job hunt in the market, whether it involves transferring organizations or advancing into management.
Get ready - If you are given the opportunity to interview, we work with you to help you become ready. We walk you through the best practices and make sure you are completely ready for the interview day. We remain in contact after the interview.
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We start by understanding what type of role you are looking for and understanding what you want from a new career.

Upon arrival -

We are not one of those employment services that helps you obtain a job but then leaves you hanging. As a true partner to our prospects, we support you over the initial months to make sure you're adjusting well.
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