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Established under the company’s Act (1985), Golden Gateway International Pvt. Ltd. is a recruiting enterprise supplying Nepalese work force to several parts of the globe. As a recruiting agent, GGI renders a myriad of services to both customers and fellow clients. Our focus lies in delivering outstanding needs of all. We have a wide network around the world where all our clients are proud to be part of our venture. Today we can claim with pride that even our customers are equally satisfied with our services. We strive to match all candidates’ attributes and personality criterion to the best possible matched occupation. We do not restrict our services to one particular industry or to one particular job category but we extend our offers to various industries and to all job categories including professional, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled. Besides, our associates are trained to provide career-related advice to all our candidates.

We, at GGI are pleased to introduction ourselves as premiere recruiting agency in the region. We invite client around the world and interested candidates to work together with us to achieve our goals

The GGI Team

Message from Chairman

Dear Customers and Clients,
It is with pride that I welcome you all to Golden Gateway International Pvt. Ltd. as a recruiting enterprise, we strive our level best to satisfy the needs of both our customers and clients. We constantly improve on our existing services so-as to respond to your ever-changing needs. Our team comprise of highly qualified and experienced associates who possess all the required resources to assist you to the best of their abilities. We have trained career counselors who are well placed to provide career-related advice and information to interested candidates. We have a highly detailed and systematic data bank, which is of utmost assistance to job seekers as well as employers. We hope that our services are valued and we do welcome any kind of feedback. We shall continue to provide outstanding services and we assure interested candidates and prospective clients to believe in our capabilities. We shall never let you go empty-handed !

Thank You,
Muktinath Adhikari


We are truly flexible responsive and entrepreneurial organization. Our main strategy lies in structuring our business based on the need of our custormers. Performance within the company is appraised to the extent that it supports the overall benefit of the company and aligns the interest of all business functions.
Today’s business environment is subjected to constant changes whereby we have to be committed to creative and innovative methods to stay ahed of our ompetiors. We are continuously improving on our services and providing new serives to satisfy the need of our customers. We encourage free flow of information within the organization. We value quality over quantity initiate action and anticipated results.


Our most essential asset is our associates. We recognize and compensate our associates who exhibit outstanding performance and dynamically support our quest for excellence. We develop our staff’s talents by investing in their training. Our personnel are honest, reliable, hardworking and diligent. We encourage them to take initiative and go the extra mile. We promote a conducive enjoy working as a team. We endeavor to industry. At GGI, self development promotion are highly encouraged.


At GGI, we strive to outdo our customer’s expectations. We are responsive to current and actual needs and foresee future needs. Our focus rests on delivering quality services superior to our competitors and offering the highest value to customers at a reasonable price. Our data bank is highly detailed and systematic and is an invaluable tool to job seekers. Requests can be submitted online and we appreciate feedback from customers.

Available Category of Workers

Civil Engineer || Mechanical Engineer || Chemical Engineer|| Electrical, Electronics Engineer || Agricultural Engineer
Operator / Driver
Crane / Fork Lift / Dozer / Excavator Operator || Trailer Operator || Heavy / Light Duty Driver
Carpentry Work
Furniture Carpenter || Joinery / Assembler Shuttering Carpenters || Helper
Masonry Work
Marble / Chips Worker || Brick / Block/ Plaster || Gypsum Worker || Steel Fixer || Helper
Hotel, Restaurant and Hospitality
Manager || Chef / Cook || Waiter/ Waitress || Bartender / Barista || Accountant / Cashier || Store Keeper || Front Office / Client Relation Officer || Captain / Steward || Bell Boy / Room Assistant Housekeeping / Laundry Receptionist / Telephone Operator AC Technicians
Operation and Administration
Production / Administrative Manager || Quality Controller || Administrative Officer || CA (Charted Accountant) Accountant / Cashiers || Administrative Assistant || Store Keeper / Merchandiser || Computer Operator || Receptionist / Officer Secretary / Telephone Operator || Clerk / Office Boy / Tea Boy || Time Keeper || Cleaner / Gardeners || Computer / System / Software Engineer || Data Entry Operator / Computer Technician
Mechanical Work
Mechanic Heavy/Light Duty || Diesel Mechanic || Auto Petrol Mechanic || Auto Painter || Body Repair || Duct Man
Electrical Work
Electrician Industrial || Electrician Building || Welder || Helper || AC Technicians

Security Guards

Soldiers from the kingdom of Gorkha established an international reputation for their martial qualities during the eighteenth century by their successful invasions of Tibet. The Gurkha reputation for martial prowess and obedience to authority was firmly established during the 1857-58 Sepoy Rebellion, Which seriously threatened British ascendancy in South Asia.

Under a tripartite agreement signed in 1947 by Nepal, India, and Britain , the Gurkha Brigade was divided between British and India forces. Four regiments remained in the British service, and six passed to the new Indian Army, which recruited and additional regiment for a total of seven.

The military and economic advantages accruing from foreign recruitment of Gurkhas far outweighed occasional criticism.

Militarily, the presence of over 100,000 trained and disciplined Gurkha veterans was a valuable human resource. Service abroad widened their horizon and military training and discipline thought them not only how to obey, but also how to give orders. Many Gurkhas gained specialized skills in communications and engineering units and most have had some training in such practical subjects as sanitation, hygiene, agriculture, and the building trades.

Despite Nepalese sensitivities over domestic and foreign criticism of allowing foreign armies to recruit “mercenaries” in Nepal, various Gurkha units continued to serve outside Nepal in the early 1990s. The only Nepalese-controlled unit abroad, however, was the Nepalese army ¬†battalion posted to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. Small Nepalese contingents also have served in United Nations peacekeeping forces in Korea and the Congo (now Zaire). Unlike neighboring states, such as Bangladesh and Pakistan, Nepal did not contribute military personnel to the international coalition that defeated Iraqi forces and liberated Kuwait in the 1991 Operation Desert Storm campaign.

Nepal is a small, sovereign independent, beautiful Himalayan Country of high Himalan Mountains, artistic monuments, exotic wildlife, and diverse cultures. It is the land where Lord Buddha was born over 2500 years ago. Nepal covers an area of 147,181 square kilometers, and stretches 145-247 kilometers north to south and 850 kilometers west to east. The country is located between India in south and China in the north. Nepal is primarily and agricultural country, Tourism in major industries.

It has the highest mountain Mr. Everest towering above populated valleys and forested plains in which lordly tigers and lazy rhinoceroses live. Enchantment is hidden everywhere and it has enough excitement to offer to everybody. Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is living museum. Its shrines, temples and places have their own stories to tell. Kathmandu valley has exotic setting. The magic of Nepal is manifested in its mountains, rivers, jungles and intriguing culture. Fly near the summit of Mt. Everest (8848m) and enjoy the convoluting river system beneath. The medieval bazars, the artistic wonders, the dramatic festivals and colorful temple of Kathmandu will enrapture you forever. Nepal is also the homeland and world’s renowned Brave Gurkhas.

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